Scholarly Articles game of thrones journal article on Game of Thrones (Cross

Edit: it might be hard to request the source through Interlibrary loan. You might have to contact the university/the author directly
EDIT: Here’s help without being “too” helpful: Analysis of the tropes in ASOIAF . That article lists a variety of ways women are portrayed in the series in modern pop-culture ways. You’ll still need to relate that to the classic images of women in medieval times, but the groupings are there for you to start with.
Scholarly Articles game of thrones journal article on Game of Thrones (CrossScholarly Articles game of thrones journal article on Game of Thrones (Cross

This is why I work in a field that does not do a lot of research papers. You are trying to create a scholarly work involving ASOIAF, but you are having trouble because no previous scholarly works involving ASOIAF exist. Does this seem like a strange paradox to anyone else?
Gender constructions in George R.R. Martin’s fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by Eva Aschenbrenner
Hope this helps. I will keep on looking for relevant stuff for you 🙂
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level 1 · 10y · edited 10y Nymeria’s Wolfpack Why don’t you make your own comparisons? Especially given you have all the references for medieval texts, relating the same themes should come naturally. When I took similar courses in college, before the web-as-research era, we always had to write our own ideas from scratch. I see from your post below you need references, but themes regarding the “presentation of women” can be from any general discussion of such roles. Good documentation with your medieval sources and a few general “role of women” archetype examples ought to be plenty.
The humor is not lost on me. Truth be told, I could absolutely do the paper without these sources, but my professor is big on references, so I’m just looking for other sources to back up my position. My statements and conclusions will be my own, game articles 2021