15 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2021

Gaiam amazon.com $39.99 SHOP NOW GAIAM is not only affordable, but it’s also a trusted brand by yogis everywhere. This yoga mat is super lightweight, but it’s extra long and wide for tall yogis with long arms. It’s reversible, so you can choose between the two colors based on what best suits you and your practice.
manduka manduka.com $130.00 SHOP NOW This sturdy mat from Manduka is called “GRP” for a reason It has an innovative, leather-like upper layer that provides anti-slip control in the sweatiest conditions, and a charcoal-infused natural rubber core that absorbs sweat to eliminate odor and filters moisture immediately so you don’t even need a yoga towel.
It’s also a bit thicker than most, so it provides extra cushioning for your knees in floor poses. Pick from six different color varieties, ranging from a dusty rose, to a lavender, to a muted mint green.
Stocksy Even if you’re not signing up for hot yoga classes in a studio right now, you can still work up quite a sweat on the mat following along with popular streaming platforms and yoga apps . But to get the most out of every pose, you want to be able to flow without stressing about slipping around due to damp hands and feet .
Yoga Design Lab yogadesignlab.com $65.00 SHOP NOW Made from natural tree rubber bonded to an ultra absorbent microfiber towel layer, this mat is a win-win: The rubber on the bottom grips the floor, while the microfiber on top absorbs your sweat and increases your grip. Plus, you’ll love the super soft, faux-suede feel of the mat on your hands when you’re flowing through class.
Six millimeters of rubber will protect your joints, but you won’t sink into the high-density cushioning — which means you’ll feel stable and supported no matter how vigorous your practice.
Your vinyasa is about to get a whole lot smoother.
Yoloha Yoga yolohayoga.com $119.00 SHOP NOW Cork contains a natural wax that’s activated by moisture. So when you sweat, this mat becomes even grippier , so you can keep flowing. Even when it’s dry, the natural texture provides enough traction for you to stay steady.
Atmananda atmananda.com $90.00 SHOP NOW This unique alignment mat is customized to your height to make sure your body sticks every pose correctly, without the risk of injury.
Yoga Zeal amazon.com $79.00 SHOP NOW These mats are anything but basic. Pick from 19 prints that depict calming images, from the moon phases, to butterflies, to sunrises. Choose what speaks to you and get your hot yoga flow on, because the mat will keep you nice and dry.
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It’s a little bit on the pricier side, but it’s an investment, since the mat boasts unmatched density and cushioning that make it durable enough not to peel, flake, or fade.
The large size is for people 5-fo0t-6 and above, and has hand and feet markers, as well as a back line, which is great for anyone whose Warrior 2 stance tends to stretch beyond the mat. As someone who stands at 5-foot-8, it’s nice to have a mat where my toes don’t hang off, and I can pay extra attention to keeping my alignment in check during class.
Whether you’re looking for a lightweight yoga mat, a longer and wider option, or a thicker mat with more support to protect your joints, we have options for you. Here are the best nonslip yoga mats, customized to every yogi’s practice.
Yoga mats made of vinyl, or PVC, have more give; mats made from natural and recycled rubber or other organic materials have less. A mat with bumps or any other kind of texture will be grippier, but if you prefer a smoother surface, look for one with moisture control. And the thinner the mat, the more grounded to the floor you’ll feel; the thicker it is, the more of a balance challenge it might pose.
Even better: Cork is a naturally anti-microbial material, eliminating bacteria without the help of any sprays post-class. Sweat all you want, and don’t stress about any leftover stink.
And the fun part is that you can reverse the mat and practice on both sides, depending on what color you’re feeling that day.
The coolest feature is that it’s like a mat and towel combined, so you have a microsuede surface to brace your sweaty hands and feet during Bikram class. You can toss it in the washing machine and air dry from class to class, too.
KANGMOON amazon.com $8.99 SHOP NOW If you’ve had knee injuries, aches and pains, or you simply hate the feeling of the hard floor under your knee during Crescent Lunge, add some padding with this half-inch-thick mat.
jade yoga jadeyoga.com $79. best hot yoga mat for sale 95 SHOP NOW Jade makes their mats from rubber trees — not synthetic materials, plastic, or PVCs — so if you’re looking for a mat that gives back to the environment, this is the mat for you! Also, if you have an allergy to synthetic rubber, this one is allergy-friendly, Jane Hanisch adds.
A nonslip yoga mat can help you get a better grip on your practice, and there are a few things to keep in mind as you’re looking for the best one for you. The material is going to be the number one factor in keeping you in place, because it determines the texture, stickiness, and sponginess of the mat.
One side is covered in tiny rubber bumps that hold you in place during standard yoga classes, while the opposite side has a woven-like, rubbery grip tailored for hot yoga.
Clever Yoga amazon.com $31.95 SHOP NOW This mat has over 2,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, and for good reason: It has two nonslip surfaces. There’s the standard smooth rubber surface on top, then there’s a wavy bottom that keeps the mat from bunching on the floor; flip it over, and the smooth rubber will still grip the floor, while the textured side provides extra traction for your hands and feet.
But keep in mind that some slippage is normal, and often means that you’re getting stronger, says Tessa Jenkins , RYT 500, training director for and Bulldog Online . “Muscles are firing in new ways and often become fatigued quite fast, which can lead to slipping,” she explains. “While advanced yogis can definitely slip, what I’ve seen is that with time, practice, and patience, for many yogis, slipping decreases as strength increases.” Nick Shoes
Hugger Mugger amazon.com $94.95 SHOP NOW Looking to master your headstand? This Hugger Mugger mat is a dual-sided, textured surface that provides yogis with a quarter inch of top-notch cushioning for a soft landing, which is great for your inversion practice .
If you’re always taking your practice on the go, this is your ideal mat. The ultra light, 1.5-millimeter-thick mat comes with a carrying strap, but can easily fold right up to fit in your gym bag or carry-on.
If you’re super sweaty to begin with, Jenkins recommends placing an absorbent yoga towel over your mat to prevent you from sliding around.
SUGA has donation centers set up where you can bring your used wetsuit to recycle, or you can recycle the mat itself once you’re ready to retire it.
Lululemon lululemon.com $88.00 SHOP NOW This Lululemon yoga mat is known for its stellar grip, which won’t let you slip out of Downward Dog due to sweaty palms. It’s reversible, sweat-wicking, super durable, and meant to hold up to years of practice.
Alo Yoga aloyoga.com $120.00 SHOP NOW The Alo Chakra Alignment Mat has all the essentials: a subtle, textured grid etched into the surface so you can properly feel your way into each pose, a nonslip surface that wicks moisture away , and a natural rubber backing to cushion your joints.
IUGA amazon.com $22.95 SHOP NOW  This mat has it all, handy carrying strap included! Its nonslip, textured surface provides a grounded feeling as you move through your flow. It’s also more environmentally friendly in the sense that it’s PVC- and latex-free.
The Harmony mat is the most popular of all the Jade mats, and for good reason. It has just enough cushion without being bulky, it keeps you from slipping and sliding in even the sweatiest of yoga sessions, and it’s made in the USA.
15 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2021
15 Best Yoga Mats to Buy in 2021
Liforme amazon.com $149.95 SHOP NOW This alignment mat uses simple lines to help you navigate your way through your practice sans injury. But it’s also made from Liforme’s proprietary “GripForMe” rubber material, which helps ground your flow. The brand claims it’s the grippiest mat out there — even when “sweaty wet,” something every hot yogi will appreciate.
It’s moisture-resistant, and you can easily rinse it off with soap and water post-workout, so don’t be afraid to sweat. Plus, it comes with a carrying strap for easy portability and is a solid option for your budget.
SUGA amazon.com $84.00 SHOP NOW This mat, available in two possible lengths, is made of recycled surfing wetsuits, what is the best yoga mat to buy