San Francisco to Fiji

Newly weds Gleb and Alisa had this to say about their Charter with us on October 19th:

My wife and I had an amazing time on this trip! Overall great service and crew. They were able to pick us up straight from our hotel and drive us to the launching point. We took off right from the back of the captains house which allowed us to see the town a bit. It was a cool experience.

We ended up trolling for a bit and then paused to do some snorkeling and bottom fishing. We caught a ton of different fish ranging from sharks to barracuda to angel fish.

Overall the trip is has the best value for your money that I have ever seen. To have the boat to ourselves was amazing and the price was about as much as a party boat in the USA.

I highly recommend!

-Gleb San Francisco, CA

#Barracuda #Shark #Charter

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